81 Ideas for a Cardboard Box

We're getting ready to move house here at Curiosity Play, which has naturally meant we've had a ton of empty cardboard boxes ready to be packed (or played with!).

What are your favourite games to play and things to make with a good old cardboard box? 


(inspired by our own kids!)

1) A rocket 🚀

2) A tunnel

3) A boat 🛥️

4) A house 🏡

5) A shop 🏪

6) A hospital 🏥

7) An ice cream van 🍦

8) A washing machine

9) Flat - packed and taped to a chair to use as a slide

10) Flat-packed and curved to use as a toy 'skate park'

11) Monster truck jumps

12) A car wash

13) A multi story carpark.

14) A pizza oven 🍕

15) A pirate ship

16) A castle 🏰

17) A puppet stand

18) A TV

19) Sensory Play

20) A fish tank 🐠

21) An aeroplane ✈️

22) A bus 🚌

23) A Mechanics 🚙

24) A multi story carpark (large wine boxes work particularly well for this!)

25) A robot 🤖

26) A campervan

27) A drive through

28) A train 🚂

29) A hairdressers

30) A marble run/ball run - chop some old cardboard tubes in half and attach

31) Poke holes through and thread pipe cleaners through for fine motor development

32) An army tank

33) A fairy house

34) A fire engine

35) A den for cats/dogs/rabbits

36) A tractor

37) A library

38) Guitar (old tissue box, an old kitchen roll tube and elastic bands work well for this)

39) A bird house

40) A maze

41) A cave

42) A ball pit

43) A garage

44) A 'bowling alley' (decorate and pop some wooden skittles inside)

45) A workshop

46) A dentist

47) A bakery

48) A horse box

49) A dolls house

50) Cardboard Boomerang

51) Postbox

52) Cardboard Christmas Tree

53) Halloween/fancy dress costume

54) Cut out large cardboard circles and decorate your own cardboard pizzas/cakes

55) Design your own cardboard train track, add old tubes for tunnels

56) 'Dropbox' with a hole to drop balls/toys through, great for motor skills in babies

57) Let loose with crayons/paints

58) Cardboard tree, add fingerprints/handprints/cut out leaves

59) Cardboard swords and shields 

60) Fridge - add some cardboard (or drawn on) shelves and food, could arrange into food groups

61) Lift/Elevator - add the numbers on buttons for a quick bit of numbers learning 

62) Library, arrange books by colour, or alphabetical or by theme depending on age

63) Cosy reading area, add some cushions and blankets

64) Cut out cardboard hands and 'paint nails' with paints/crayons

65) Circus tent 

66) Miniature worlds for play people

67) Cafe 

68) Cut out cardboard shapes/animals and make a mobile with some string 

69) Make a jigsaw 

70) Treasure chest 

71) Traffic lights 

72) A giant dice 

73) Bed for a doll or toy animal 

74) Cut out cardboard letters and paint or wrap with twine

75) Glue/tape empty cereal boxes together and cover with decorative paper to make a paper tray

76) Decorate a hansel and gretel style house

77) Make a cardboard camera 

78) Cut out stars and Christmas shapes and decorate for the Christmas tree

79) Toy dressing room/wardrobe 

80) Stove/cooker 

81) A stable 

Do you have any more?